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Table 1 Basic information about the syntactic ontologies and their mapping rules with the core ontology.

From: Annotation of SBML models through rule-based semantic integration

Data Source Data Format Classes Object Properties Data Properties DL Expressivity Rules
UniProtKB UniProtKB XML 27 24 34 ALEN (D) 11
BioGRID PSI-MIF 26 24 15 ALEN (D) 17
SBML SBML 516 56 44 SHOIN (D) 14*
Pathway Commons BioPAX 41 33 37 ALCHN (D) 11
  1. Pathway Commons differs from the other sources as its format, BioPAX, is already represented in OWL. The ''Rules'' column lists the number of SWRL mapping statements used to link each syntactic ontology with the core ontology. For the SBML syntactic ontology, the numbers are combined totals of the imported Systems Biology Ontology and MFO. MFO was used for export only, and therefore its rules are marked with "*'' to show that these are export rules. Statistics generated using Protégé 4 (