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Table 1 OBI Functions considered as Roles.

From: An evolutionary approach to Function

Function Bearer OBI Function
Human Perturb, Measure, Separation (3), Sort
Computer Information Processor (3), Consume Data
Highly Generic Freeze, Heat, Environment Control, Mechanical, Record, Contain, Transfer, Cool, Connection, Synthesizing, Excitation (2), Ionization, Energy Supply (1)
Distant Galaxy Magnify
Out of Scope Molecular Function (3)
  1. I provide suggestions for entities that could engage in the same end-directed activity, but without being designed for the purpose. "Function" has been omitted from the OBI term names. Numbers indicate child terms which have been omitted for brevity. I do not consider "Information Processor" to be the function of a computer, as the definition is more specific than the term suggests.