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Table 1 Currently available data sources in aTag format.

From: Establishing a distributed system for the simple representation and integration of diverse scientific assertions

Data source Description Source of entities used for tagging
SIDER Drug side-effect data. Size: 100,000 RDF statements. DBpedia, ChEBI
PDSP Ki Database Receptor-ligand interactions quantified by Ki value, emphasis on data about psychoactive substances. SenseLab, ChEBI
PubMed Conclusion sections Conclusion sections extracted from PubMed abstracts, annotated with Medical Subject Headings. Size: 1,8 million RDF statements. SKOS version of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
Science Commons Text Annotation Service Webservice that annotates sentences in PubMed abstracts with aTags Gene Ontology, ChEBI, some smaller OBO ontologies, Uniprot and NCBI Taxonomy
aTag Pastebin User-generated content, mostly curated from scientific texts on the web, created with the aTag bookmarklet. Contains curated statements in diverse domains such as pharmacology and neuroscience. DBpedia
  1. ChEBI: Chemical Entities of Biological Interest. MeSH: Medical Subjct Headings. PDSP: Psychoactive Drug Screening Programme. SKOS: Simple Knowledge Organisation System.