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Table 2 Mappings between FMA, NCI and SNOMED CT

From: Logic-based assessment of the compatibility of UMLS ontology sources

Mapped Ontologies Generated Mappings
  EquivalentClasses(FMA:Joint NCI:Joint)
FMA NCI EquivalentClasses(FMA:Joint NCI:Articulation)
  EquivalentClasses(FMA:Set_of_ joints NCI:Joint)
  EquivalentClasses(FMA:Set_of_ joints NCI:Articulation)
FMA SNOMED CT EquivalentClasses(FMA:Joint SNOMED:Joint_structure)
  EquivalentClasses(FMA:Set_of_ joints SNOMED:Joint_structure)
SNOMED CT NCI EquivalentClasses(SNOMED:Joint_ structure NCI:Joint)
  EquivalentClasses( SNOMED:Joint_structure NCI:Articulation)
  1. Table 2: Mappings between FMA, NCI and SNOMED CT. The prefixes “FMA:”, “NCI:” and “SNOMED:” are shown explicitly to emphasise that each ontology source uses a different namespace to refer to its entities. However, for simplicity, we will often obviate these prefixes in the text.