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Table 3 Semantics for OBO using OWL mappings

From: Mapping between the OBO and OWL ontology languages

Description OBO OWL Semantics
x is a subclass of y is_a rdfs:subClassOf CEXT(x) CEXT(y)
x is a sub-property of y is_a rdfs:subPropertyOf EXT(x) EXT(y)
x is the domain of property y domain rdfs:domain EXT(y) impliesz CEXT(x)
x is the range of property y range rdfs:range EXT(y) impliesz CEXT(x)
x is disjoint from y disjoint_from owl:disjointWith CEXT(x) ∩ CEXT(y) = {}
p is a transitive property is_transitive owl:TransitiveProperty , EXT(p) implies EXT(p)
  1. CEXT(c): the set of instances of class c; EXT(p): the set of pairs <x,y> related by property p.