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Table 1 Services in the HMMER subset of the EMBOSS domain.

From: Semantics-based composition of EMBOSS services

Service Function
edialign Local multiple alignment of sequences.
ehmmalign Align sequences to an HMM profile.
ehmmbuild Build a profile HMM from an alignment.
ehmmcalibrate Calibrate HMM search statistics.
ehmmconvert Convert between profile HMM file formats.
ehmmemit Generate sequences from a profile HMM.
ehmmfetch Retrieve an HMM from an HMM database.
ehmmindex Create a binary SSI index for an HMM database.
ehmmpfam Search one or more sequences against an HMM database.
ehmmsearch Search sequence database with a profile HMM.
emma Global multiple alignment of sequences.
makenucseq Create random nucleotide sequences.
makeprotseq Create random protein sequences.
showalign Display a multiple sequence alignment in pretty format.
showfeat Display features of a sequence in pretty format.
showpep Displays protein sequences with features in pretty format.
showseq Display sequences with features in pretty format.
  1. This table lists the services in the HMMER subset of the EMBOSS domain and gives a short description of their function.