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Table 2 Manually defined domain: services in the HMMER subset.

From: Semantics-based composition of EMBOSS services

Service Input Types Output Types
edialign MultipleSequence Alignment
ehmmalign HMM, Sequence Alignment
ehmmbuild Alignment HMM
ehmmcalibrate HMM HMM
ehmmconvert HMM HMM
ehmmemit HMM EhmmemitOutput
ehmmfetch HMMDatabase HMM
ehmmindex HMMDatabase HMMDatabase
ehmmpfam HMMDatabase, Sequence EhmmpfamOutput
ehmmsearch HMM, SequenceDatabase EhmmsearchOutput
emma MultipleSequence Alignment, Tree
makenucseq - MultipleNucleotideSequence
makeprotseq - MultipleProteinSequence
showalign Alignment -
showfeat Sequence -
showpep ProteinSequence -
showseq NucleotideSequence -
  1. This table shows the manually defined input and output descriptions for the services in the HMMER subset of the EMBOSS domain.