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Table 2 Users and their interests in translational medicine

From: The Translational Medicine Ontology and Knowledge Base: driving personalized medicine by bridging the gap between bench and bedside

Category User Interest
Research Biologist (in vivo, in vitro, cellular & molecular) Target identification, assay development, target validation
  Bioinformatician Biological knowledge management, cellular modeling
  Immunologist Natural defense mechanisms
  Cheminformatician Predictive chemistry
  Medicinal chemist Drug efficacy
  Systems physiologist Tolerance, adverse events
Clinic Clinical trial specialist Trial formulation, recruitment
  Clinical decision support Data analysis, trend finding
  Primary care physician General, conventional care
  Specialty medical provider Specialized treatments
Business Sales & marketing Revenue generation
  Strategic/portfolio manager Assessing market opportunities
  Project manager Prioritizing resources & activities
  Health plan provider Insurance coverage