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Table 3 Representative mappings between TMO and target terms

From: The Translational Medicine Ontology and Knowledge Base: driving personalized medicine by bridging the gap between bench and bedside

Label TMO Target
Protein 0035 ACGT:Protein, BIRNLex:23, CHEBI:36O8O, FMA:Protein, GO:OOO3675, GRO:Protein, Galen:Protein, NCIt:Protein, PRO:00000000l, SNOMEDCT:88878007, SO:0000358, UMLS:C0033684
Gene 0037 FMA:Structural gene, GRO:Gene, Galen:Gene, LNC:LP32747-5, MSH:D005796, NCIt:Gene, NCIt:Gene_ Object, NDFRT:C242394, PRO:Gene, SNOMEDCT:6727l00l, SO:0000704, UMLS:C00I7337
Diagnosis 0031 ACGT:Diagnosis, FHHO:Diagnosis, Galen:Diagnosis, LNC:LP72437-4, MSH:D003933, NCIt:Diagnosis, OBI:0000075, OCRe_clinical:Diagnosis, SNOMEDCT:439401001, UMLS:C0011900
Disease 0047 ACGT:Disease, BIRNLex:ll0l3, DOID:4, GRO:Disease, LNC:LP21006-9, MSH:D004194, NCIt:Disease_ or_ Disorder, NDFRT:C2140, OBI:0000155, UMLS:C0012634
  1. Abbreviations: ACGT- ACGT Master Ontology, NIFSTD – Neuroscience Information Framework Standardized ontology, CHEBI – Chemical Entities of Biological Interest, CTO – Clinical Trial Ontology, DOID – Human Disease Ontology, FMA – Foundation Model of Anatomy, FHHO – Family Health History Ontology, Galen – Galen Ontology, GO – Gene Ontology, GRO – Gene Regulation Ontology, LNC – Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes, MSH- Medical Subject Headings, NCIt – NCI theraurus, NDFRT – National Drug File, OBI – Ontology for Biomedical Investigation, OCRe - Ontology for Clinical Research, PATO – Phenotypic Quality Ontology, PRO – Protein Ontology, SNOMED CT, SNOMED clinical terms, SO – Sequence Ontology, UMLS – Unified Modeling Language System.