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Table 5 Examples of output Used in Survey Two

From: Automating generation of textual class definitions from OWL to English

Class label OWL axioms (Manchester syntax) Generated Natural Language Definition
HeLa bearer_of some ’cervical carcinoma’
derives_from some ’Homo sapiens’
derives_from some ’epithelial cell’
derives_from some cervix
SubClassOf: ’cell line’
A HeLa is all of the following: something that is bearer of a cervical carcinoma, something that derives from a Homo sapiens, something that derives from an epithelial cell, and something that derives from a cervix. A HeLa is a cell line.
4470 derives_from some ’Mus musculus’
derives_from some ’bone marrow’
SubClassOf: ’cell line’
A 4470 is both something that derives from a Mus musculus, and something that derives from a bone marrow. A 4470 is a cell line.
Ara-C-resistant murine leukemia cell line SubClassOf: ’cell line’
has subclass b117h*
has subclass b140h*
derives from some ’Mus musculus’
An Ara-C-resistant murine leukemia is a cell line. B117Hs, and B140Hs are Ara-C-resistant murine leukemias. An Ara-C-resistant murine leukemia derives from a Mus musculus.
genetic disorder SubClassOf: disease
disjoint(normal, uninfected)
A genetic disorder is a disease. No genetic disorder is any of the following: a normal or an uninfected.
  1. Example of natural language definitions generated from corresponding OWL axioms for the second iteration (Survey 2). *Note: these subclass relations are placed on the subclasses but we illustrate them here for context.