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Table 4 The most common pronouns, nouns and verbs.

From: Characteristics of Finnish and Swedish intensive care nursing narratives: a comparative analysis to support the development of clinical language technologies

  Finland (Finnish) Sweden (Swedish)
The most common pronouns after FinCG/GTA pronoun n pronoun n
  joka [which] 3,166 det [it] 6,659
  se [it] 2,184 han [him] 4,707
  tämä [this] 1,354 sig [them(selves)] 4,656
  mikä [that] 452 hon [her] 3,908
  ne [they] 335 detta [this] 2,266
The most common nouns after FinCG/GTA noun n noun n
  tajunta [consciousness] 7,883 andning [breathing] 12,198
  omainen [relative] 6,301 circulation [circulation] 10,910
  potilas [patient] 6,242 ml [ml, abbr] 10,233
  hengitys [breathing] 6,242 elimination [elimination] 10,074
  pulssi [pulse] 5,722 nutrition [nutrition] 9,240
The most common verbs after FinCG/GTA verb n verb n
  ei [no] 20,557 ha [have] 22,633
  olla [be] 10,835 vara [be] 14,861
  hapettua [oxygenate] 9,269 [receive] 11,975
  saada [receive] 3,879 komma [come] 4,569
  soittaa [phone] 3,622 [walk, leave] 4,460