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Table 2 The table shows the number of annotations that are contained in the SSC-I. This corpus has been generated from the contributions of the PPs. Not all challenge participants (CPs) have participated in all parts of the challenge. A smaller number of CPs has submitted annotations for chemical entities. The average number of annotations for CHED and PRGE in the submitted corpora was above the number of annotations in the SSC-I and for DISO and SPE below the number of the ones in the SSC-I.

From: Assessment of NER solutions against the first and second CALBC Silver Standard Corpus

  Nr. of annotations in SSC-I Nr. of CPs Nr. of Submissions from CPs Average nr. of annotations from all CPs Nr. of annotations in SSC-II
CHED 228,622 6 11 233,398 238,431
PRGE 275,235 9 15 343,681 435,797
DISO 300,637 8 11 255,599 245,524
SPE 317,211 7 9 277,071 304,503