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Table 1 COEUS seed configuration files purpose and description

From: COEUS: “semantic web in a box” for biomedical applications

File Name Purpose Description
config.js Store volatile application properties. This file configures the application name, version, short description, deployment environment and the list of ontologies used in the seed. Using a JSON object for the configuration permits faster reads when compared to XML, while maintaining a good object-oriented structure in comparison to simple properties files.
coeus_ontology.owl Define the internal information system model. In scenarios where the “reuse instead of rewrite” principle does not suffice for the entire application ecosystem, COEUS allows the creation of custom ontologies to use in one or various seeds. Developers are able to organize their own application models, taking full advantage of RDF/OWL’s modeling flexibility.
coeus_setup.rdf Application setup file for integration and exploration details. This file defines entities, concepts, bridges and resources. Summarily, the content is used to guide the entire framework instance setup, from the handling of external resources in the connectors to the labeling rules for each Item individual.