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Table 1 Comparison of adverse event following vaccination of 13 live attenuated human vaccines licensed in USA

From: Ontology representation and analysis of vaccine formulation and administration and their effects on vaccine immune responses

Vaccine trade name VO_ID Route of administration Local reactions (Y/N) Systematic reactions (Y/N)
Adenovirus Type 4 and Type 7 Vaccine VO_0000096 oral N Y
Rotarix VO_0010738 oral N Y
RotaTeq VO_0000097 oral N Y
BCG Vaccine VO_0003240 percutaneous Y Y
ACAM2000 VO_0000003 percutaneous Y Y
TICE BCG VO_0000103 intravesical Y Y
FluMistĀ® Quadrivalent VO_0000044 i.n. Y Y
Attenuvax VO_0000007 s.c. Y Y
M-M-R II VO_0000069 s.c. Y Y
ProQuad VO_0000091 s.c. Y Y
MERUVAX II VO_0000073 s.c. Y Y
Varivax VO_0000119 s.c. Y Y
YF-Vax VO_0000121 s.c. Y Y
Zostavax VO_0000124 s.c. Y Y