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Table 4 Selected results on the analysis of regularities in chronic and acute cases

From: Analysing Syntactic Regularities and Irregularities in SNOMED-CT

  Chronic Acute
Total number of entities starting with “Chronic” or “Acute” 388 472
Total number of entities having “chronic” or “acute” in the middle of their name 32 38
Number of clusters that include the target entities 34 34
Number of generalisations describing the target entities 919 1109
Number of instantiations referring to the target entities 1503 1849
Number of target entities that were not in any cluster. 12 11
Number of clusters including entities with multiple role groups (RoleGroup) in their axioms 19 21
Number of clustered entities using multiple role groups (RoleGroup) in their axioms 64 79
Number of generalisations whose instantiations explicitly refer to the chronic (Chronic (qualifier value)) or acute qualifier 50 (5%) 114 (10%)
Number of instantiations that explicitly refer to the chronic or acute qualifier 76 (5%) 210 (11%)