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Table 4 Sample annotation table for annotation databases.

From: Towards improving phenotype representation in OWL

Annotation Table (for phenotypic annotations)
e_id p_id measured_value measuring_unit
0 0   
0 1 5 mg/kg
1 2   
2 2   
  1. Assuming phenotypes and entities according to Tables 2 and 3, the actual annotations of entities with phenotypes are kept separately in this table, since this is a many-to-many-relationship. The two additional columns shall indicate a simple option to capture quantitative data. Notably, the qualifier column of Table 2 is placed therein for coherence with current EQ descriptions. That column may alternatively be part of the present table.
  2. Abbreviations: e_id: entity identifier, p_id: phenotype identifier. Empty positions are to be read as null values.