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Table 1 Differences between the logical evaluation of the criteria conjunction and the correct inclusion decision when only a portion of the necessary information is known: evaluation of equation 4and correct inclusion decision for all the possible values of I 1 and E 1 , with possibly unknown information

From: OWL model of clinical trial eligibility criteria compatible with partially-known information

Patient I 0 I 1 E 0 E 1 I0I1 Decision
p 0 T T F T F Exclude
p 1 T T F F T Include
p 2 T T F ? F Propose
      cannot (assume ¬E1)
      assert ¬E1  
p 3 T F F T F Exclude
       (both ¬I1 and E1)
p 4 T F F F F Exclude
p 5 T F F ? F Exclude
p 6 T ? F T F Exclude
p 7 T ? F F F Propose
      cannot (assume I1)
      assert I1  
p 8 T ? F ? cannot Propose
      assert I1  
      cannot (assume both
      assert ¬E1 I1 and ¬E1)