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Table 5 SKOS mappings of applicable PAV terms to Dublin core terms

From: PAV ontology: provenance, authoring and versioning

SKOS mapping


pav:authoredBy skos:broadMatch dct:creator

Broad match due to the common usage of dct:creator to mean the creator of the Work rather than just the creator of the particular resource. Solely creating the representation of a resource is in PAV covered instead by pav:createdBy, but would often also be covered by dct:creator, therefore this is not a skos:closeMatch.

pav:contributedBy skos:closeMatch dct:contributor

Close match due its the common usage to mean someone who added to the Work of the resource (usually not just the digital representation), but not skos:exactMatch as purely representational contributions represented with dct:contributor should be mapped to pav:createdBy.

pav:createdBy skos:broadMatch dct:creator

A PAV creator is a particular kind of DC Terms creator, which made the digital representation of the resource.

pav:importedFrom skos:broadMatch dct:source

Imported is a specialization of being derived from the related resource in whole.

pav:importedFrom skos:broadMatch dct:isFormatOf

The resulting resource is substantially the same as the source, but in another format. However imported also implies provenance of a directed transformation from the original, at a given time and performed by an agent, and hence this is a broad match.

pav:importedBy skos:broadMatch dct:creator

The agent importing is essentially a specialized creator of the new resource, hence has close match dct:creator. In common use of DC Terms the extent of the transformation work might however affect whether a dct:creator corresponds to an importer or author.

pav:derivedFrom skos:broadMatch dct:source

A related resource from which the described resource is derived, but pav:derivedFrom is more specific (skos:broadMatch) than dct:source, as it requires further contributions to the content, and does not cover say pav:importedFrom or pav:retrievedFrom.

pav:derivedFrom skos:narrowMatch dct:isVersionOf

pav:derivedFrom do point to a resource of which the ‘described resource is a version, edition, or adaptation’, but also allow further derivations, and so has a narrow match dct:isVersionOf. The pav:derivedFrom does require such contributions to be in the form of content and not just representation, which corresponds closely to dct:isFormatOf ‘s description’ Changes in version imply substantive changes in content rather than differences in format’.

pav:previousVersion skos:narrowMatch dct:replaces

dct:replaces is a stronger statement (skos:narrowMatch) than pav:previousVersion, as the PAV statement does not necessarily imply the original was superseded. For instance, a draft specification may be pav:previousVersion a previously published specification, but it is not dct:replaces the previous version as the draft is not official yet.

pav:previousVersion skos:relatedMatch dct:isVersionOf

pav:previousVersion is only considered to have a related match dct:isVersionOf, as pav:previousVersion does not generally cover ‘substantive changes in content’.