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Table 1 RDFized glycan databases in this study

From: Introducing glycomics data into the Semantic Web

DB name URL Number of entries as of May 2013 Number of triples Reference
UniCarbKB Over 3300 glycan structures, approximately 9000 structure and protein associations, with over 900 publications 1977 triples for structure and protein data of one experiment [12]
BCSDB Over 10,000 structures, over 4000 publications, over 5000 taxons, and over 2500 NMR spectra 2,595,411 triples from all data [7]
GlycomeDB 37,140 glycan structure entries 518,733 triples from all data [8]
MonosaccharideDB About 700 monosaccharide entries 1911 triples of Basetypes, 14,692 triples of Monosaccharides, and 275 triples of Substituents [10]
GlycoEpitope 174 glycoepitopes recognized by 613 antibodies and a wide range of biochemical information related to the glycoepitopes and antibodies 220,545 triples from all data [17]
GlycoProtDB 1,830 entries of mice glycoproteins and 701 of C. elegans glycoproteins 2,337,104 triples [18]
LfDB (Lectin frontier DataBase) 479 entries of lectin data, including PDB information, and their glycan interaction data 902 triples of lectin-PDB relationship data [19]