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Table 2 Top 10 vaccines with the largest variety of VAEs reported

From: The Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events (OVAE) and its usage in representing and analyzing adverse events associated with US-licensed human vaccines

Vaccine (disease or pathogen) VO_ID Total # VAE
Recombivax HB (Hepatitis B) VO_0010737 20
Comvax (Hib meningitis, Hepatitis B) VO_0000028 19
Menactra (Neisseria meningitidis) VO_0000071 18
Tetanus and Diphtheria Toxoids VO_0000111 18
Absorbed by MA Biological   
(Tetanus, Diphtheria)   
Prevnar 13 (Streptococcus pneumonia) VO_0000090 16
PedvaxHIB (H. influenzae type b) VO_0000083 15
RabAvert (Rabies) VO_0000094 14
JE-Vax (Japanese Encephalitis) VO_0000066 13
Tetanus Toxoid (boost only) (Tetanus) VO_0000984 13
Tetanus Toxoid Absorbed (Tetanus) VO_0000048 13
  1. Note: The disease or pathogen name specified next to a vaccine name indicates the disease or pathogen infection against which the vaccine is used. The three bacteria listed (shown by italicized words) can all induce meningitis. The vaccines are sorted based on the VAEs recorded in their package insert documents.