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Table 1 Application web-based workflows[28]

From: Deploying and sharing U-Compare workflows as web services

Web service name Type Language Components Annotations
Oscar Maximum Chemical English OscarTokenizer, chemical expression,
Entropy Markov NER   OscarMER chemical adjective,
Model (OscarMeMM)     ontology term, chemical
     compound reaction
NeMINE Biomedical English Sentence Segmentation, gene, protein
  NER   NeMINE  
A Biomedical Named Biomedical English Sentence Segmentation, protein, DNA, RNA,
Entity Recognizer NER   ABNER-NLBPA Cell line, Cell type
GENIA POS tagger POS tagger, English Sentence Segmentation, protein, DNA, RNA,
  Biomedical   GENIA Tagger Cell line, Cell type,
  NER    Token, Chunk
   English Sentence Segmentation, protein,
Disease Extraction    GENIA tagger, DNA, RNA,
with Concept Biomedical   Morphological analysis, Cell line,
Association (DECA) NER   SpeciesTagger Cell type,
    (NCBI Taxonomy), Species,
    Extract Abbreviation, SpeciesNormalizedEntity
    Species Disambiguation  
Yeast Metabliner Biomedical English Yeast Metabliner Metabolites
OrgHub Biomedical English Extract Features super- Organisms,
  NER   vised CRF classifier Habitats
Apertium POS tagger English, Morphological analysis, Morphological
   Spanish, POS tagging annotations,
   Portuguese,   POS tags
LX-Chunker Chunker Portuguese LX-Chunker Paragraphs,
LX-Tokenizer Tokenizer Portuguese LX-Chunker Paragraphs
    LX-Tokenizer Sentences
NIITranslator Statistical English, n-ii Translator Translated text
  Machine Spanish   
UAICTokenizer Tokenizer Independent UAICTokenizer Tokens
UAICLemmatizer Lemmatizer Romanian UAICTokenizer Tokens
    UAICLemmatizer Lemmas
MLRSSentence- Sentence Independent, MLRSSentenceSplitter Sentences
Splitter Splitter tuned for