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Table 1 Top Ten Biological Process Terms for 2006 and 2012

From: A task-based approach for Gene Ontology evaluation

2006 2012
System development axon guidance
nervous system development regulation of synaptic transmission
transmission of nerve impulse regulation of transmission of nerve impulse
mitotic cell cycle M phase of mitotic cell cycle
intracellular protein kinase cascade nuclear division
metal ion transport mitosis
cell morphogenesis organelle fission
cytoskeleton organization regulation of vesicle-mediated transport
regulation of cell cycle regulation of neurological system process
potassium ion transport learning or memory
  1. The p-values for 2006 range from 3.15E-21 to 6.70E-7. The p-values for 2012 range from 1.11E-16 to 2.26E-10. The terms are listed in order of p-value.