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Table 4 Time to train and apply HMM models on the i2b2/VA and JNLPBA corpora 1

From: Detecting concept mentions in biomedical text using hidden Markov model: multiple concept types at once or one at a time?

  A set of types considered Training (sec) Application (sec)
i2b2 Problem, Test, Treatment 619 42
Problem, Treatment 763 41
Problem, Test 879 42
Problem 1,117 43
JNLPBA Protein, DNA, Cell Type, Cell line, RNA 3,010 88
Protein, DNA, Cell Type, Cell line 3,812 92
Protein, DNA, Cell Type 4,292 98
Protein, RNA 4,694 100
Protein 4,763 98
  1. 1The experiments were conducted on a server with six-core AMD Opteron 2.8 GHz processors running CentOS 2.6. The reported times are the average of ten runs in ten-fold cross-validation.