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Table 2 The core properties of the Taxonomic Meta-Ontology and their explanations

From: Making species checklists understandable to machines – a shift from relational databases to ontologies

Property Explanation
Citation-related properties  
occursInChecklist Reference to a species checklist
auctorumYear The year of original publication
completeAuctorumString Author name(s) expressed according
  to the established practices of taxonomy
Name-related properties  
hasNonvalidName Expresses synonyms, homonyms
  and orthographic variants of a valid
  scientific name
hasVernacularName The common name equivalents for
  the scientific names
hasNomenclaturalCode Specifies the set of rules that are applied
  (ICN [55] or ICZN [56])
hasVernacularNameStatus Expresses whether a common name is
  accepted or an alternative one
rdf:type Expresses the hierarchical level in
  a classification. The ranks are obtained
  from TDWG Taxon Rank LSID Ontology [57].
  Every taxon is an instance of a specific
  taxonomic rank and the class
  TaxonInChecklist (Figure 3).
  1. See other properties in the Results section, in subsection Taxonomic Meta-Ontology.