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Table 4 A comparison of the features of the taxonomic database and the taxonomic meta-ontology

From: Making species checklists understandable to machines – a shift from relational databases to ontologies

  Taxonomic TaxMeOn
Structure easily No Yes
Global linkability No Yes
to other contents   
Public interfaces Simple search API, HTTP and SOAP APIs,
  LSID resolver Linked Data,
   SPARQL endpoint
Need of a resolver Yes No
Content editing Web interface SAHA [60], Protégé [61]
Granularity of Low High
taxonomic information   
Linking additional No Yes
scientific publications   
Treatment of botanical Identical Not identical
and zoological names   
Semantics applied to No Yes
author names   
Tracking temporal Publication year Versioning of checklists
changes of a checklist (static) and duplication
   of taxa (dynamic)