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Table 2 Overview of experiments conducted with a single semantic space

From: Synonym extraction and abbreviation expansion with ensembles of semantic spaces

For each of the 2 corpora, 10 semantic spaces were induced.
RI spaces RI_20 RI_2   RI_4   RI_8  
RP spaces   RP_2 RP_2_sw RP_4 RP_4_sw RP_8 RP_8_sw
The induced semantic spaces were combined in 10 different combinations.
Identical window size RI_2, RP_2 RI_4, RP_4 RI_8, RP_8
Identical window size, stop words RI_2, RP_2_sw RI_4, RP_4_sw RI_8, RP_8_sw
Large window size RI_20, RP_2 RI_20, RP_4  
Large window size, stop words RI_20, RP_2_sw RI_20, RP_4_sw  
For each combination, 3 combination strategies were evaluated.
Combination strategies RIRP30 RPRI30 RI + R P  
  1. For each of the two corpora and the conjoint corpus, 30 different combinations were evaluated. The configurations are described according to the following pattern: model_windowSize. For RP, sw means that stop words are retained in the semantic space. For instance, model_20 means a window size of 10+10 was used.