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Table 2 Examples of phenotypic information represented using our proposed annotation scheme

From: Supporting the annotation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) phenotypes with text mining workflows

COPD Phenotypes Automatically recognized underlying concepts Automatically linked ontological concepts
chronic airways obstruction chronic airways obstruction chronic (PATO:0001863) respiratory airway (UBERON:0001005) obstructed (PATO:0000648)
parenchymal destruction parenchymal destruction parenchyma (UBERON:0000353) damaged (PATO:0001167)
decrease in rate of lung function decrease in rate lung function decreased rate (PATO:0000911) lung (UBERON:0002048) function (PATO:0000173)
chronic bronchitis N/A chronic bronchitis (DOID:6132)
myocardial infarction N/A myocardial infarction (DOID:5844)
enhanced response to inhaled corticosteroids enhanced response to corticosteroids enhanced (PATO:0001589) response to (PATO:0000077) corticosteroid (ChEBI:50858)
FEV1 45% predicted FEV1 Forced Expiratory Volume 1 Test (NCIT:C38084)
alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency alpha-1-antitrypsin (PR:000014678) decreased amount (PATO:0001997)