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Table 3 Example alignment between sentences and relationships via semantic annotation, and lexical and semantic features extracted from the alignment

From: Formalizing biomedical concepts from textual definitions

Sentence   “Baritosis is pneumoconiosis caused by barium dust”.   
Annotated Sentence  Baritosis is pneumoconiosis caused by barium dust”.   
   Baritosis_(disorder) Barium_Dust_(substance)   
SNOMED CT relationship   Baritosis_(disorder) | Causative_agent | Barium_Dust_(substance)   
Semantic Features   left type   between-words   right type  
   disorder   “is pneumoconiosis caused by”   organism  
BoW {is, pneumoconiosis, caused, by}    
Word 2-grams {is pneumoconiosis, pneumoconiosis caused, caused by}    
Char. 3-grams {is, sp, pn, pne, neu, eum, umo, moc, oco, con, oni, nio, ios, osi, sis, is, sc, ca, cau, aus, use, sed, ed, db, by}