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Table 2 Object properties

From: Developing VISO: Vaccine Information Statement Ontology for patient education

Domain Properties Range Triples
Target, Cause, Reaction affects People, Location 11
Dosage after Date 2
PeopleWithAllergicReaction, AllergicReaction allergic to Allergen 7
Dosage before Occurrence 1
PeopleBornFrom born from Date 1
Target causes Cause 40
Vaccine contains Component 3
Vaccine discouraged for People 19
NumberOfDoses for People 5
Cause, Outcome, Reaction happens Probability 42
Vaccine has alternate Alternate Vaccine 4
Vaccine has dosage Dosage 26
Vaccine has number of NumberOfDoses 6
Reaction has signs Sign 14
Vaccine is a substance of Substance 1
Vaccine is safe for People 6
Vaccine is safe with Combination 1
Vaccine is taken Method 1
Target, Reaction, Sign, ObjectChannel lasts Duration 5
Target, Cause, Outcome, Reaction leads Outcome 31
Cause, Reaction located Location 15
Vaccine may cause Reaction 54
Reaction need Action 3
Reaction, Sign occurs after Date, Occurrence 24
PeopleOfAge of age Age 3
Target originates Source 5
Vaccine prevents Target 11
Vaccine protects People 23
Target spreads through Channel 19
People take Action 5
Dosage taken at Age 22
Cause to People 2
HumanActivityChannel with People 2
Total number of triples 414