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Table 4 Top 20 journals ranked according to the number of the PMC-OAS papers contained in each journal

From: Colil: a database and search service for citation contexts in the life sciences domain

Journal title # of papers
PLOS ONE 82735
Nucleic Acids Research 10660
The Journal of Cell Biology 6001
BMC Public Health 5791
BMC Bioinformatics 5771
BMC Genomics 5736
Emerging Infectious Diseases 5534
The Journal of Experimental Medicine 4536
BMC Cancer 4074
PLOS Genetics 3929
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 3809
PLOS Pathogens 3572
Critical Care 3359
Scientific Reports 3299
Environmental Health Perspectives 3210
Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine: eCAM 2988
PLOS Computational Biology 2965
BMC Health Services Research 2731
Malaria Journal 2647
Journal of Medical Case Reports 2618