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Table 1 Comparison of specific questions listed in Walgreens and Costco vaccination informed consents

From: VICO: Ontology-based representation and integrative analysis of Vaccination Informed Consent forms

Number Question Walgreens/Costco
1 question on vaccination in past 4 weeks Walgreens; Costco
2 question on blood transfusion in past year Walgreens; Costco
3 question whether allergic to vaccine Walgreens; Costco
4 question on asthma or wheezing history Walgreens; Costco
5 question on leukemia Walgreens; Costco
6 question whether allergic to medication Walgreens; Costco
7 seizure disorder question Walgreens; Costco
8 question on cancer Walgreens; Costco
9 question whether allergic to egg Walgreens; Costco
10 X-ray treatment question Walgreens; Costco
11 question whether allergic to latex Walgreens; Costco
12 question on woman pregnancy Walgreens; Costco
13 question whether currently sick Costco
14 question on long-term heart disease Costco
15 cortisone treatment question Costco
16 immunocompromisation question Costco
17 question whether allergic to food Costco
18 question on reaction after immunization Costco
19 question on whether fainted or felt dizzy after immunization Walgreens
20 question on TB skin test in past 4 weeks Walgreens
21 question whether currently sick with a moderate to high fever, vomiting/diarrhea Walgreens
22 question on serious nasal condition Walgreens
23 question on high-dose steroid therapy for longer than 2 weeks Walgreens
24 question on thymus disease Walgreens
25 question on current aspirin therapy Walgreens
26 question on current antibiotics usage Walgreens
27 question on history of thrombocytopenia or thrombocytopenic purpura Walgreens
28 question on CSF leak Walgreens
29 question on asplenia Walgreens
30 question on azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine usage Walgreens
31 question on cochlear implant Walgreens
32 question on high-dose methotrexate usage Walgreens
33 question on home infusion Walgreens
34 question on weekly injection Walgreens
35 question on weekly injection of adalmumab Walgreens
36 question on weekly injection of etanercept Walgreens
37 question on weekly injection of infliximab Walgreens
38 question whether recieving aspirin-containing therapy Walgreens
39 question on current anti-malarial medication Walgreens