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Table 3 A subset of new OMIT relations

From: OmniSearch: a semantic search system based on the Ontology for MIcroRNA Target (OMIT) for microRNA-target gene interaction data

New relation Domain Range Human-readable explanation
OMIT:miRNA_target_ NCRO:miRNA_and_ OMIT:computationally_ Specific miRNA-target binding
assumption_ target_gene_binding asserted_evidence prediction is based on some
based_on    computationally asserted evidence.
OMIT:is_quality_ IAO:measurement datum OMIT:computationally_ A piece of measurement datum
measurement_of   asserted_evidence (e.g., the target score in miRDB)
    is a quality measurement of
    computationally asserted evidence.
OMIT:is_gene_ NCRO:miRNA_target_gene OMIT:target_protein A miRNA target gene
template_of_protein    serves as a template
    of relevant protein.
RO:has participant OMIT:prediction_from_miRDB SO:miRNA Each miRNA-target binding
    prediction record has one
    miRNA as a participant.
RO:has participant OMIT:prediction_from_miRDB NCRO:miRNA_target_gene Each miRNA-target binding
    prediction record has one
    target as a participant.
RO:part of OMIT:target_score_in_miRDB OMIT:prediction_from_miRDB Each miRNA-target binding
    prediction record from
    miRDB contains one score.
    Each record from NCBI
RO:part of OMIT:PubMed_summary_ OMIT:information_from_NCBI_gene Gene contains one or
   in_NCBI_gene more PubMed summaries.