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Table 1 Claims extracted from the abstracts described in Table 3

From: A corpus of potentially contradictory research claims from cardiovascular research abstracts

  Claim PMID Value Type
1 In this large, population-based sample of African-American and white adults, whole-grain intake was associated with lower HF risk, whereas intake of eggs and high-fat dairy were associated with greater HF risk after adjustment for several confounders 18954578 YS CAUS
2 Our findings do not support a major role for fish intake in the prevention of heart failure 19789394 NO CAUS
3 Moderate consumption of fatty fish (1-2 servings per week) and marine omega-3 fatty acids were associated with a lower rate of first HF hospitalization or death in this population 20332801 YS CAUS
4 Among older adults, consumption of tuna or other broiled or baked fish, but not fried fish, is associated with lower incidence of CHF 15963403 YS CAUS
5 Increased baked/broiled fish intake may lower HF risk, whereas increased fried fish intake may increase HF risk in postmenopausal women 21610249 YS CAUS