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Table 2 Claims typology examples

From: A corpus of potentially contradictory research claims from cardiovascular research abstracts

  Claim PMID Type
6 Combined clopidogrel and aspirin overcome single drug resistances, are safe for bleeding 22942294 Judgemental
7 Aspirin plus clopidogrel is more effective in venous graft patency than aspirin alone in the short term after CABG, but further, long-term study is needed 21050973 Comparative
8 Although a bedtime dose of doxazosin can significantly lower the blood pressure, it can also increase left ventricular diameter, thus increasing the risk of congestive heart failure. 18551024 Excitatory
9 Routine use of postoperative aspirin after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) reduces graft failure and cardiovascular events 21146675 Inhibitory
10 In the Spanish Mediterranean area, the presence of antigens B-15 and DQ3 would be associated with advanced DCM 10198739 Neutral