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Table 4 The entities in Scenario 1

From: Diagnosis, misdiagnosis, lucky guess, hearsay, and more: an ontological analysis

IUI Entity Existence period Type Notes
IUI-3 Dr. Anne Smith t3 Human being  
IUI-4 Cognitive system of IUI-3 t4   
IUI-5 An anatomical entity that is part of IUI-4 t5 Anatomical entity Which anatomical entity and its lifetime cannot be easily specified given current state of neuroscience.
IUI-6 Quality that inheres in IUI-5 and is about IUI-7 t6 Cognitive representation  
IUI-7 The POR that is truth-maker for IUI-8 t7 Configuration Mr. Jones, his disease, their relationship, and disease’s instantiation
IUI-8 Dr. Smith’s diagnosis t8 Diagnosis ICE concretized by IUI-6 and IUI-10
IUI-9 That which is written down on paper and forms the sentence. t9 Material entity I conclude therefore that Mr. Jones has type 2 diabetes mellitus.
IUI-10 IQE that inheres in IUI-9. t10 Information quality entity The sentence began to exist as soon as ink was laid down on paper, but the IQE did not begin to exist until the sentence was finished.
IUI-11 Dr. Smith’s interpretive process occupies t11 Diagnostic process Dr. Smith’s diagnostic process that led to her diagnosis IUI-8
IUI-12 The clinical picture input into IUI-11 t12 Clinical picture Dr. Smith’s clinical picture as ascertained prior to t6
IUI-13 Dr. Smith writing her diagnosis in the note occupies t13 Process