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Table 7 Relationships of representations to portions of reality in Scenario 3: Incorrect diagnosis

From: Diagnosis, misdiagnosis, lucky guess, hearsay, and more: an ontological analysis

Relationships among particulars Notes
IUI-46 is about IUI-1 at t46 Dr. Jane Miller’s cognitive representation is about Mr. Jones
IUI-46 is about IUI-2 at t46 And Mr. Jones’ disease
IUI-46 is about UUI-2 at t46 And Type 1 diabetes mellitus (denoted by UUI-2)
IUI-50 is about IUI-1 at t50 Likewise with the IQE inhering in the ink on paper
IUI-50 is about IUI-2 at t50  
IUI-50 is about UUI-2 at t50  
IUI-46 is misrepresentation of IUI-7 at t46 But the cognitive representation is a misrepresentation of the configuration, i.e., it is intended to be about the configuration but fails on the level of compound expression
IUI-50 is misrepresentation of IUI-7 at t50 The same is true of the IQE