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Table 3 Criteria of TNM version 7 for colorectal cancers. All TNM codes can be inferred from this criteria. The exact wording of the textual definitions of the TNM in version 7 is diverging. Exact count of infiltrated organs in distant metastasis is omitted

From: TNM-O: ontology support for staging of malignant tumours

Criterion btl2 superclass Value
Primary tumour extension MaterialObject Epithelium, Submucosa, Lamina propria, Subserosa, Adventitia, VisceralPeritoneum
Primary tumour growth pattern Quality Infiltrative, Confined
Primary tumour epistemology Quality NoAssessment, NoEvidence
Regional LN number Quality Cardinality1, Cardinality2or3, Cardinality4to6, Cardinality7orMore
Regional LN epistemology Quality NoAssessment, NoEvidence
Distant Mx location MaterialObject Peritoneum
Distant Mx/no. of organs Quality Cardinality1, Cardinality2orMore
Distant Mx epistemology Quality NoEvidence