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Table 4 Modular structure of TNM-O. Codes in clinical documentation and cancer registries follow TNM versions, because the meaning of codes and stages may change between versions. The modular structure is designed to include versions for every available TNM encoded entity (tumour location) so that the intended meaning is preserved according to the version used for coding

From: TNM-O: ontology support for staging of malignant tumours

Name Description
BTL2 Upper domain level ontology
TNM-O TNM-O central connecting ontology
TNM-O_breast_7 TNM-O for breast cancer (TNM version 7) in: [32]
TNM-O_colorectal_6 TNM-O for colorectal cancer (TNM version 6)
TNM-O_colorectal_7 TNM-O for colorectal cancer (TNM version 7)