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Fig. 4 | Journal of Biomedical Semantics

Fig. 4

From: Large-scale adverse effects related to treatment evidence standardization (LAERTES): an open scalable system for linking pharmacovigilance evidence sources with clinical data

Fig. 4

The data architecture of LAERTES. The system leverages the OMOP Vocabularies to describe drugs and health outcomes of interest via standardized vocabulary concepts (concept table). LAERTES stores aggregated evidence in a summary table (drug_hoi_evidence) that provides a “linkout” (evidence_linkout) to an Open Annotation Data representation of the source data. In the relational database, the linkout functions as a foreign key to the adr_annotation table through a table (not shown) that maps the linkout to annotation identifiers (adr_annotation_uid). Client programs can also use the linkout as a URL to retrieve JSON data from an RDF store that has a linked data version of the source open annotation data

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