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Table 3 Overlap of distinct drug-HOI pairs at the drug ingredient level after mapping drugs to RxNorm and HOIs to SNOMED-CT

From: Large-scale adverse effects related to treatment evidence standardization (LAERTES): an open scalable system for linking pharmacovigilance evidence sources with clinical data

Literature (MEDLINE and CTD) vs spontaneous reporting (n = 3 049 743) Product labeling (US and EU) vs spontaneous reporting (n = 2 702 577) Literature (MEDLINE and CTD) vs product labeling (US and EU) (n = 566 379) All three (n = 3 057 406)
119 293 (3.9%) 87 279 (3.2%) 14 838 (2.6%) 14 295 (0.5%)
  1. The counts and percentages shown contrast the sum of the union (shown in the heading) and intersection of the distinct drug-HOI pairs from both sources mentioned. CTD: Comparative Toxicogenomics Database, EU: European Union, US: United States