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Table 1 Ontologies suggested by the original Ontology Recommender for the sample input text Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes which are found predominantly in skin but also in the bowel and the eye

From: NCBO Ontology Recommender 2.0: an enhanced approach for biomedical ontology recommendation

Rank Ontology No. annotations Terms annotated Score
1 NCIT 21 melanoma, malignant tumor, melanocytes, found, skin, bowel, eye 55.2
2 EHDA 15 skin, eye 38.3
3 EFO 10 melanoma, malignant tumor, skin, bowel, eye 35.9
4 LOINC 18 melanoma, malignant, tumor, skin, bowel, eye 35.9
5 MP 9 melanoma, skin, bowel, eye 34.8
  1. *See "List of abbreviations"
  2. For each ontology, the table shows its position in the ranking, the acronym of the ontology in BioPortal*, the number of annotations returned by the NCBO Annotator for the sample input, the terms annotated (or ‘covered’) by those annotations and the ontology score