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Table 2 Top 5 ontologies suggested by Ontology Recommender 1.0 for the sample input text embryonic cardiac structure

From: NCBO Ontology Recommender 2.0: an enhanced approach for biomedical ontology recommendation

Rank Ontology No. annotations Terms covered Score
1 SWEET 3 structure 13.7
2 NCIT 4 embryonic, cardiac, structure 10.5
3 HUPSON 2 cardiac, structure 10.1
4 VSO 1 structure 9.8
5 SNOMEDCT 2 embryonic cardiac structure 8.9
  1. For each ontology, the table shows its position in the ranking, the acronym of the ontology in BioPortal, the number of annotations returned by the NCBO Annotator for the sample input, the terms annotated (or ‘covered’) by those annotations and the ontology score