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Table 5 Ontology size and annotation details for the ontologies in Table 4

From: NCBO Ontology Recommender 2.0: an enhanced approach for biomedical ontology recommendation

Ontology Size Class Annotation type Annotation score Hierarchy level
O1 120,000 penicillin PREF 10 5
antibiotic SYN 5 3
O2 800 penicillin SYN 5 6
tonsillitis PREF 10 12
  1. This table shows the number of classes (size) of each ontology, the class names, the annotation types, the annotation scores, and the level of each class in the ontology hierarchy, such that ‘1’ corresponds to the root (or top) level, ‘2’ correspond to the level below the root classes, ‘3’ to the next level, and so on