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Table 1 Execution times for importing RDF data into SMW using the importRdf.php script in the RDFIO extension (column 2) and converting to MediaWiki XML files using the rdf2smw tool and then importing the generated XML files with MediaWiki’s built-in XML import tool respectively (column 3 and 4), for a few different dataset sizes (column 1)

From: RDFIO: extending Semantic MediaWiki for interoperable biomedical data management

Number of Import RDF Convert to XML Import XML
Triples (RDFIO extension) (rdf2smw tool) (MediaWiki XML import)
100 24 s 0.00 s 17 s
1000 179 s (2m59s) 0.02 s 81 s (1m21s)
10000 1652 s (27m32s) 0.3 s 683 s (11m23s)
100000 16627 s (4h37m7s) 18 s 7063 s (1h57m43s)