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Table 2 Results of the migration of the relational database to the semantic data store

From: Analysis and visualization of disease courses in a semantically-enabled cancer registry

  count time count time
  result   result  
Recovery all Patients 207.190 0,060s 207.190 0,189s
Recovery all Therapies 400.290 0,132s 400.290 0,317s
Recovery all Diagnosis 240.088 0,070s 240.088 0,220s
Recovery all Courses 108.297 0,030s 108.297 0,155s
Recovery patients with diagnosis, therapies and courses 207.190 1,048s 207.190 0,204s
Recovery all female Patients 105.714 0,231s 105.714 0,189s
Recovery all female Patients with more of 60 years old 62.603 0,245s 62.603 0,192s