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Table 1 Examples of CQs

From: A histological ontology of the human cardiovascular system

What are the organs of the cardiovascular system?
What is the composition of the myocardium?
What are the muscular arteries?
What are the tunics in veins?
Which is the constitution of a media tunic?
What are the structures present in the large veins?
A simple epithelial tissue cannot be stratified
A capillary is only composed of endothelium
An organ can have three tunics maximum
If a set of cells is close to a light region, then the tissue is probably an
epithelial tissue
If an organ has a thin media tunic as well as a thick adventitia tunic and
a wide light region, it is probably a vein
If an organ has a thick media tunic and a small light region, it is probably
an artery