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Table 7 Matching Strategies in the participating systems - 1

From: Experiences from the anatomy track in the ontology alignment evaluation initiative

System String-based strategies Structure-based strategies Constraint-based strategies Instance-based strategies
AgreementMaker SubString, Edit-Distance, TF-IDF
ALIN SimMetrics APIa, WS4J APIb - -
AML Jaccard, I-Sub
Anchor-Flood Jaro-Winkler -
AOAS Jaro-Winkler - -
AOT, AOTL Edit-Distance, Block-Distance,    
  SLIM-Winkler, Jaro-Winkler, - - -
  Smith-Winkler, Needleman-Wunsch    
AROMA Jaro-Winkler -
ASMOV Edit-Distance
BLOOMS Jaccard, Exact Match, Lin, - - -
CIDER-CL Soft TF-IDF, Jaro-Winkler - -
CODI Edit-Distance, Jaro-Winkler, Cosine,    
  Smith-Waterman, Jaccard,
  Overlap coefficient    
COMMAND UMBC similarity Model - -
CroMatcher N-Gram, TF-IDF
CSA Edit-Distance, Wu-Palmer, TF-IDF -
DKP-AOM, DKP-AOM-Lite SimMetrics APIa -
DSSim Jaccard, Jaro-Winkler - -
Eff2Match Exact Match, TF-IDF - -
Falcon-AO I-Sub, TF-IDF - -
FCA-Map Exact Match - -
GeRoMeSuite+SMB Edit-Distance, Jaro-Winkler, -
  I-Sub, Soft TF-IDF,    
  SecondString Libraryc    
GMap Edit-Distance, TF-IDF - -
GOMMA, GOMMA-bk Exact Match, N-gram -
Hertuda Damerau-Levenshteind - - -
HotMatch Damerau-Levenshteind
IAMA Edit-Distance - -
  1. aSimMetrics API is a Java library that includes such string metrics as Jaccard, Jaro-Winkler and N-gram
  2. bWS4J (WordNet Similarity for Java) is a Java API containing string metrics like Wu-Palmer, Jiang-Conrath and Lin
  3. cSecondString library is a package containing string metrics such as Edit-Distance, Jaro, TF-IDF
  4. dDamerau-Levenshtein is a variant of Edit-distance that adds adjacent symbols’ transpositions into the distance measures