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Table 2 CUI-less examples from SEMEVAL2015 and CUILESS2016 annotation of ShARe corpus

From: CUILESS2016: a clinical corpus applying compositional normalization of text mentions

   Aggregate example Composed example
SEMEVAL2015 Text mention RRW Surgical defect
  Negation Yes No*
  Subject Patient* Patient*
  Uncertainty No* Yes
  Course Unmarked* Unmarked*
  Severity Unmarked* Unmarked*
  Conditional False* False*
  Generic False* False*
  Body location CUI C0225754 (Both lungs) C1521748 (Entire mastoid)
  Disorder CUI CUI-less CUI-less
CUILESS2016 Disorder CUI C0034642 (Rhales) C0543467 (Operative surgery)
   C0035508 (Rhonchi) C2004491 (Cicatrix)
   C0043144 (Wheezing)  
  1. An * indicates the default value for that slot in SEMEVAL2015. Our CUILESS2016 annotators added identifiers to describe the disorder when the Disorder CUI was marked “CUI-less” in SEMEVAL2015