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Table 5 CUILESS2016 annotator agreement type examples

From: CUILESS2016: a clinical corpus applying compositional normalization of text mentions

Exact mention score Hierarchical mention score Text mention Annotator 1 Concept/s Annotator 2 Concept/s
1.0 1.0 Allergies Levofloxacin Drug allergy Drug allergy
    Levofloxacin Levofloxacin
0.0 0.52 Posturing (O/E) - posturing Posturing behaviour
0.0 0.64 Rightward shift Midline shift of brain Midline shift of brain
    To the right  
0.0 0.22 Redness Erythema Redness
  1. The computed hierarchical mention score was used instead of annotator judgment in determining an approximate level of agreement