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Table 3 A sample of the implemented object properties

From: DMTO: a realistic ontology for standard diabetes mellitus treatment

Property name Domain Range Type
contradicte_with_disease diabetes drug disease Inferred
has_role patient patient_role Asserted
has_disease_severity disease severity Asserted
can_be_combined_with diabetes drug diabetes drug Inferred
has_education_program education subplan education program Asserted
has_target treatment plan target Inferred
has_complication patient profile patient history disease Asserted
has_doseForm drug dose form Asserted
has_selected_food meal food Inferred
has_patient_profile patient patient profile Asserted
cause_weight_gain_of drug drug weight gain Inferred
has_measurement_unit food measurement unit Asserted
may_prevent active ingredient disease Asserted
has_history patient profile history Inferred
has_part treatment plan drug subplan Inferred
has_forbidden_food patient profile food Inferred
has_demographic patient profile patient demographic Asserted
contradicte_with_drug diabetes drug drug Inferred
has_diagnosis_severity diagnosis severity Inferred
may_diagnose active ingredient disease Asserted
has_treatment_plan patient profile treatment plan Inferred
has_disease_duration disease time interval Asserted
has_diagnosis patient profile diabetes diagnosis Inferred
has_A1C_lowering_level drug drug A1C lowering level Asserted
has_breakfast_meal diet meal Inferred
has_lab_test patient profile diabetes laboratory test Asserted
has_diabetes_type diagnosis diabetes mellitus Inferred
has_snack_meal_1 diet meal Inferred
has_lifestyle_participant lifestyle subplan lifestyle Inferred
has_provider education program education provider Asserted
has_active_ingredient drug active ingredient Asserted